Corporate fashion with a clear conscience


Responsible corporate fashion

We are demanding because we only want to supply products that treat our environment and all people with the appropriate respect and consideration. In our
you will find an extensive selection of sustainably certified corporate fashion that actually fulfills this claim.

With these articles you can be sure that the cultivation of organic cotton, the production and processing of the fibers and textiles have been carried out with consideration for our environment. The people who work on these products are treated with respect and paid appropriately. Only textile products that consist of at least 70% organically produced natural fibers can be certified according to GOTS, for example. The GRS standard(Global Recycling Standard) aims to increase the proportion of recycled materials in a product. This certification enables companies to record the exact proportion of recycled material in a product and track it through the production chain. All chemical additives used, such as colorants and auxiliaries, must meet certain environmental and toxicological criteria. Corresponding requirements also apply to the use of accessories. A functional wastewater treatment plant is mandatory for all operating sites that are active in the field of wet processing. In addition, all processing companies must meet minimum social criteria.

Choose certified corporate fashion from our collection at – clothing that we can also finish and certify on request. Because we are a certified dealer. Only certified retailers, printers and embroiderers are authorized to use the GOTS and GRS logo, as the further processing of certified articles also constitutes a processing step requiring certification. The final product must be sold without the GOTS or GRS logo and can in no way refer to these certificates if no certification of the retailer exists. Wholesalers whose annual turnover with GOTS goods is less than €20,000 are exempt from the certification obligation, but only on condition that they do not (re)pack or (re)label the GOTS goods. However, these retailers must also register with an approved certifier and inform them immediately if their annual turnover exceeds €20,000.

Alternatively, we can also manufacture customized sustainable textiles with certification for you. If you are not certified yourself and would like to resell sustainable textiles, we can offer you articles that are certified with the GREEN KNOB. These textiles require a different certification and go even further. And this labeling may be used as long as the article remains unchanged. Ask about our custom-made products – mainly made in Europe.

At textile konzepte, you can be sure of receiving genuine certified corporate fashion with the appropriate labeling, even if it was produced especially for you! Commit to sustainable textiles with responsibility! Ask us, we will advise you competently and comprehensively.

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