In the world of work, proper care of the Work clothing and work shoes are of crucial importance, not only to extend their service life, but also to maintain their performance and protective effect. Companies that do not have their workwear cleaned by an external cleaning company should therefore know in advance how to wash and treat the clothing correctly. The care of work shoes in particular requires a little more attention. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them in the following article.

Care of work shoes – what you need to look out for

Work shoes are an indispensable part of work equipment and deserve special attention when it comes to care. To ensure that your work shoes provide your employees with the necessary protection and comfort, they should be cleaned and maintained regularly.
Remove dirt and deposits from the surface of your work shoes after each use. Use a soft brush or damp cloth to remove stubborn dirt. Please do not use hard brushes or sponges on the work shoes, as these can damage the material. Dry your work shoes thoroughly by storing them in a well-ventilated place. To prevent the shape of the shoes from becoming deformed during the drying process, you should use shoe trees. Check the soles and seams regularly for wear or damage and repair them in good time. This ensures the safety of your shoes.

Cleaning workwear: the guide to clean workwear

Workwear care is just as important as cleaning your work shoes. But what is the best way to proceed if you want to clean work pants, jackets or T-shirts?
Wash your work clothes separately from your everyday clothes to avoid soiling and odors.
Use mild detergents that have been specially developed for workwear. Make sure you adhere to the recommended washing temperature on the label.
Gentle drying is also important to avoid shrinkage and deformation. Store your clean work clothes in a dry and well-ventilated place to prevent the formation of mold and odors.
If you notice heavy stains on your workwear, pre-treat these stains to ensure optimum cleaning results.
Tip: Would you like to take your workwear to the dry cleaner? Then make sure you have a receipt, because these cleaning costs are tax deductible.

Cleaning workwear – using the right detergent

Choosing the right detergent for your workwear is crucial to maintaining its quality and longevity. Ideally, you should use a mild detergent that has been specially developed for workwear or heavily soiled textiles. When washing your workwear, make sure that the detergent is free from aggressive chemicals and bleaching agents. These ingredients in a detergent can damage the fibers. If your workwear has special requirements, such as flame-retardant or water-repellent properties, you should choose a detergent that is suitable for this.
It is advisable to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and, if necessary, use special detergents for certain materials such as Gore-Tex or Nomex. By using the right washing powder, you can ensure that your workwear not only remains clean, but also durable and functional.
Note: If you as an employer want to be sure that workwear is cleaned properly, you should commission an external company to clean your workwear. You can deduct the costs for this from your taxes.
Overall, proper care of your workwear and work shoes is crucial for your safety, comfort and performance in the workplace. Follow these tips to ensure that your workwear and work shoes provide you with optimum support and protection.

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