We make your day-to-day work easier with our own


As a digital processing tool for corporate fashion, our customized online store makes your day-to-day work easier. But what are the actual advantages of an employee store?

Who doesn’t know that? Ecxellists are “tinkered with” for days on end in order to laboriously manage different employee sizes and orders. In the end, not all the information could be entered there, as individual employees were always late or on vacation. When the list is finally finished and sent off, some employees change their size again… . When the goods are finally delivered, everything has to be distributed manually to the individual employees. Home office and vacation then lead to further problems.

With a company-owned online store – similar to our store for sustainable textiles – these problems can be solved. In such a store, only your own corporate fashion, employee or work clothing is displayed. On request, every employee or department can simply order their own garments “on demand” – individually and promptly. All product and order questions are answered directly by our competent service team. If required, it is even possible to set up a budget per department/employee so that you have full control over your purchasing volume and expenditure at all times! This service will then be invoiced collectively on a monthly basis to a billing address specified by you.

An employee store offers you numerous advantages such as

Mitarbeitershop für Corporate Fashion

Fullfillment for corporate fashion

With this logistics model, we take care of all the work steps for you. This includes, for example, ordering your articles, booking in incoming goods, storage, order processing via your own employee store,  picking for individual employees or departments and national or international dispatch processing. You can choose to pay for items on storage or monthly on delivery – the choice is yours. We also offer drop shipping solutions for other suppliers in your store. These items can also be stored with us and shipped from here. On request, we can even take care of returns management, stock maintenance and inventory. As you can see, all details can be individually arranged and furnished according to your wishes.

Make your day-to-day work easier today and leave the complete handling of your employee clothing to us through your own employee store!

Mitarbeitershop Versand
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