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Tricorp offers modern, sustainable workwear for men and women in a variety of areas. We believe that professionals should demand more from their workwear. The clothes should fit perfectly; it is not the stature and wishes of the wearer that make the difference, but we make the difference. We do this by developing collections of uniform workwear that are available in different sizes and fits. Workwear should match the work of the wearer, which is why we offer a collection of workwear that suits every profession.

The range is divided into 5 labels: Workwear, Casual, Safety, Premium and Corporate.

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sustainability tricorp

As a company, Tricorp is committed to social responsibility. This means that Tricorp pays attention throughout the production chain to reducing the impact on the environment and improving working conditions for employees in the chain. This is a task for Tricorp itself, which is being worked on every day and where more and more improvements are being made. Because sustainable workwear is the future! Workwear with the smallest possible ecological footprint, but still comfortable, safe and beautiful.

With the two clothing packages REWEAR and RE2050, Tricorp’s first mission has been accomplished! REWEAR is a clothing package in which some of the items are made from recycled raw materials. These articles are based on six bestsellers from the standard range. The RE2050 package also consists of items that have a completely new design and are made from almost 100% recycled materials.


Tricorp Workwear offers a wide range of reliable, robust and comfortable workwear.  People working in construction, industry and logistics place high demands on their workwear. Tricorp places high demands on its workwear collection. Optimum freedom of movement is made possible by the ergonomic design and perfect fit. Combined with robust materials, Tricorp’s workwear label offers a robust, comfortable collection. Perfect fits and bicolors with a strong and robust look. Weatherproof and made to make the most of every working day!

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Safety at work is essential for every professional. Depending on the industry, different safety risks must be taken into account, with “Safety First” being the cross-industry motto. In many sectors, such as construction, the chemical industry and logistics, safety risks can be reduced by choosing the right workwear. Tricorp has developed a special collection for this purpose: Tricorp Safety. This collection consists of high-visibility and multi-standard clothing. In this article you will find information on common safety risks and how to avoid accidents by wearing certified workwear.


Tricorp Casual is the basic range of Tricorp workwear. Tricorp was born out of the desire to provide sustainable workwear with more comfort, functionality and an attractive appearance. The original range consisted of T-shirts, polo shirts and pullovers. And because we are still true to our vision and our first products, you will find an extensive range of basics in the Tricorp Casual collection.

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Tricorp Premium Workwear


Tricorp Premium is an exclusive collection of distinctive clothing made from innovative, fine materials. The fine peach finish is pleasant and very presentable. This makes this clothing suitable for professionals in a commercial environment. With a touch of fashion, Tricorp presents itself as a trendsetter on the workwear market.


Our corporate range includes fashionable suits for men and women, consisting of pants, skirts, dresses, jackets and vests. With the introduction of the new business line, this line is a comprehensive collection of representative workwear. In addition to suits, the Tricorp Corporate label also offers shirts and blouses to complete the business look. This means that every professional in the business or retail sector has the perfect workwear.

Corporate Fashion von Tricorp

official partner of the haas f1 team

We are proud that the Haas F1 Team is our partner. As the team’s official outfitter, we contribute to the team’s appearance and performance. The team members wear our round workwear with a modern look and high wearing comfort. In addition to team clothing, we also supply merchandising articles for the team, which is active at the very top level of world racing. Have you already spotted our logo on the clothing and the VF-23?

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