custom-made workwear - customized workwear for every size and safety requirement

A special design for Workwear refers to the individual production of garments according to the specific requirements and wishes of the customer. In contrast to standard workwear, which is available in prefabricated sizes and designs, each item of custom-made clothing is made to the customer’s specifications. Various aspects can be adapted when customizing workwear.
The customization of workwear plays a crucial role as it ensures that the clothing is perfectly adapted to the individual needs and requirements of each company. Standard sizes often cannot cover all body sizes and shapes, which can lead to an uncomfortable fit and restricted freedom of movement. Tailored workwear can minimize potential safety risks by ensuring that clothing fits properly and provides adequate protection.

How can workwear be customized?

Various aspects of workwear can be customized with a special design. As an employer, you should know that custom-made workwear can consist of work shoes, shirts and other products. In which aspects can workwear be customized?
Size and fit: The garments are made according to the wearer’s individual body measurements to ensure an optimum fit. This is particularly important if standard sizes are not suitable or if special sizes such as oversizes or custom sizes are required.
Design and style: Customers have the option to customize the design, style and colors of the workwear according to their preferences. This can help to emphasize the corporate identity and create a uniform appearance for employees or to comply with certain company guidelines or brand standards.
Materials and functions: Depending on the requirements of the working environment, special materials or functions can be integrated into the workwear. This can include, for example, the use of flame-retardant materials in fire-prone environments or the integration of reflective strips for improved visibility. Work shoes can also have special materials and fulfill special functions. Bear this in mind when buying men’s or women’s clothing.
Safety features: In some cases, certain working environments require special safety standards to be integrated into workwear (e.g. high-visibility protection on vests or jackets, safety shoes, etc.). With a custom-made product, these security features can be implemented precisely according to the customer’s specifications and requirements.

All in all, custom-made workwear enables a tailor-made solution that meets the individual needs and requirements of a company or organization. Many of the manufacturers of occupational safety products offer custom-made products.

Tips for buying oversized or custom-made workwear

Buying workwear in 3XL or larger requires special attention. This ensures that the clothing not only fits well, but also meets the requirements and needs of the employees. Here are some important tips to keep in mind when buying plus size workwear:
Measure accurately: Take accurate measurements of employees to determine the correct size of products. Take into account not only standard measurements such as chest and waist circumference, but also specific areas such as shoulder width and arm length. Even better: ask for size sets to determine the correct size before production!
Fit and freedom of movement: Make sure that the oversized workwear offers sufficient freedom of movement and fits comfortably. Employees should be able to move freely without being restricted. Custom-made workwear should always be tried on!
Material and quality: Choose high-quality materials that are both hard-wearing and breathable. Workwear in special sizes should be able to withstand the stresses and strains of everyday working life and at the same time offer comfort.
Safety standards: Ensure that work clothing complies with applicable safety standards, especially when employees are working in hazardous environments.
Fitting options: Check whether the workwear offers adjustment options, such as adjustable cuffs or Velcro fasteners, to ensure a customized fit.
Finally, you should also make sure that the provider offers a flexible return policy or exchange options.

Tip: The customization of protective clothing also plays a role in creating a corporate identity. This allows workwear to be produced according to color patterns that match the company.

For which professional group is the customization of workwear particularly important?

Custom-made workwear is particularly suitable for professional groups and sectors in which standard sizes are not sufficient, certain colors are not available or there are specific requirements for workwear.
Craftsmen and construction workers
Firefighters and rescue workers
Gastronomy and hotel industry
Medical staff
Industrial worker

In general, the customization of workwear is suitable for any occupational group where individual adjustments or special safety features are required.

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