Responsible corporate fashion is a matter close to our hearts!

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For this reason, we have created our ONLINESHOP with exclusively sustainable textiles.

our new online store for sustainable textiles

We have set ourselves the goal of making employee and promotional clothing more sustainable and fairer! That’s why you’ll find our B2B store for responsible corporate fashion here. Here we only offer textiles and accessories made from organic cotton or recycled materials. To this end, we pay attention to the fair production of these garments by only displaying items that are traceable in the supply chain and can provide corresponding certificates.

We ourselves have been certified according to GLOBAL TEXTILE STANDARD (GOTS) and since 2020 with the GREEN KNOB certified and a member of the ALLIANCE FOR SUSTAINABLE TEXTILES . Sustainability, humanity and fairness have always been an important part of our corporate culture. Only companies with their own GOTS certificate are actually allowed to sell responsible corporate fashion with this standard. This is because with this standard, everyone in the supply chain – from the cotton picker to the dye works and production to the retailer – must be GOTS certified in order to be allowed to use this certificate. This ensures that these products have really been manufactured sustainably and fairly throughout. Of course, we can also print or embroider the textiles for your company according to this standard, so that you can receive a fully certified product from us.

Regional production can make a further contribution to the environmentally friendly manufacture of clothing. That is why we have labeled products “made in Europe” that were manufactured within Europe. Made in Europe” is not a real certificate. However, we would like to create more transparency with this notice. Because shorter delivery routes and higher social standards are a crucial part of a sustainable product.

We want to significantly increase the proportion of sustainable corporate fashion in our company with this store. Our medium-term goal is to produce employee clothing that is exclusively fair and sustainable. 1000 small steps. Getting better from year to year.

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